As one of seven children born to politically and socio active parents, I was raised on strong ideals.  Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1959, I was actually raised in Boca Raton, Florida. Looking back, I’m grateful my parents chose to expose me to spirituality, social justice and the arts — for these three gifts are what resonate throughout my life, fitting together in my beliefs, actions and art.

From my earliest memories, I was searching to create...eagerly crafting a gift for someone I loved, planting a garden, climbing onto my father’s workbench to use a tool, combining unsuspecting ingredients in my mother’s kitchen, or rummaging through a trash pile to see if there was
 any “good stuff” that could be used to make better stuff.  Through all of these actions—from the first spark of possibility to the last moment when the new creation left my hands—my imagination was able to play and create.

These days I create jewelry and mixed media art from the yummy “life-stash” of treasures I’ve collected since those early years of childhood. My intention is to use them all before I exit the earth, but my suspicion is that I may just have to leave some behind for another creative soul to play  with, or to live 115 years!

Ultimately my art is driven by color and texture. I find the nuances of unexpected layers totally fascinating and impossible to duplicate from one piece to the next.  As a human being, when I am creating I am most at peace with who I am. Between my childhood and my current creations, I studied at the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, worked as an Art Director for the University of Texas School of Business and ran my own design studio, Boyd Design.  I moved from Austin to Orlando to be closer to family and there I met and married my favorite artist, John Petrey.  After a few years together we hung up our corporate shoes and headed to the mountains. We currently live in a 6,500 sq ft metal building in the Southside Arts District of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Here, we enjoy the fellowship of many talented artists and play an active role in our arts community.